Protection crystal kit

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We intuitively hand-pick each crystal to create the crystal kit with specific healing benefits for you.

Keep them in your pocket, in your workspace, in your car, or next to your bed. 

All crystal kits are cleansed when packaged and instilled with a special mantra for each kit. I recommend you cleanse your stones at least once a week where possible.

Cleansing can be performed in a number of ways, some of these may include:

  • Placing the crystals out in the moonlight (sunlight is not recommended as some crystals fade over time when placed in sunlight).
  • Instill the crystal kit with a mantra of the desired outcome. 
  • Smudge the crystal kit with white sage and palo santo.
  • Bury them underground for 24 hours. This allows the earth to absorb any unwanted energy and refresh the crystals.

  • Use a cleansing crystal. For example, you can lay your crystals on a selenite tower, and the selenite can clear the energy of the other crystals *Selenite wands can be purchased on our website). 

* Please note *

The form/shape of each crystal is subject to change without notice. We endeavor to give the best quality crystal but quite often certain shapes are out of stock and hard to get again.