Peacock ore specimens

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Peacock Ore is a stone of happiness and joy, it is said to turn you in positive directions, and help channel happiness to others; generally a stone of upliftment.

The most lovely gift of this stone is that it brings you the ability to see and appreciate the joy available in every moment, as well as a feeling of acceptance that all is exactly as it should be, exactly as it is…what's not to love! It is said to encourage an understanding that there is nothing wrong in any aspect of your life, but it is all down to your perception of it, everything is for purposeful good.

Peacock Ore is said to be one of the most powerful stones when used in conjunction with chakra healing as its energy is such that when placed on one chakra it affects all of the others. In physical healing, it is used to stimulate adrenaline and encourage the production of calcium within the body.

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