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A little about Honu Manu!

Hello and welcome my name is Justin and I am the sole owner of Honu Manu.
For the past 8 years I have had the pleasure of supporting students with disabilities of all ages, I am a qualified Crystal Healing Practitioner and I run a printing business.

I found my passion with resin art and being able to incorporate crystals into a lot of my pieces.
So many people that I speak to know that owning crystals can be beneficial to them however aren’t sure which ones they should own and this is where I can help.

Please reach out if this sounds familiar with any questions you may have or to find out how they can help you in this time of your life.

I created Honu Manu when I realised that not only can I love and enjoy crystals, but that I can also help others enjoy and love them too.

Crystals are not only pretty shiny "rocks", they are portals to the spiritual realm and often guide us and our spiritual being to places we want to be going. By using crystals you can heal your spiritual self allowing for your physical self to follow suite.

Honu Manu means “the peaceful turtle”. The turtle is a symbol of wisdom and good luck, I resonate with the turtle being my spirit animal, turtles are everything to me and bring me a very very large amount of happiness.

Heal yourself today!

Thank you for visiting my webpage. Please send me a message via the contact form with any questions or contact me via instagram (@honu_manu_aus) or facebook (@honu manu). I hope you enjoy yourself browsing my page.

Customer Reviews!

Katherine Bruce

Absolutely gorgeous! Just looking at the pictures I knew I had to have the Chakra set as I couldn't just pick one bear! fell in love as soon As I opened it. Lovingly packaged with so much care and attention. I had the joy of opening with my hubby as we passed around the bears, marvelling at them. They are bigger than I expected (they're a really great size!) Chakra Teddy Bears are a great addition to any gem lovers collection. And thankyou for the gifts too. This is probably my first resin gem art I have gotten in a while and good quality too! Justin is an amazing artist and look forward to buying more of his creations.22

Ambre Lewis

highly recommend Honu Manu! they helped me design and print my new range of labels for my business, they were polite, fast and efficient, great prices and wonderful quality! will be doing my business here again!

Jayde Daw

Absolutely AMAZING customer service, if I could give more than 5 stars I definitely would! My parcel was packed so beautifully and the products I ordered were gourgeous. I had a custom made size and it was fantastic. I will definitely be ordering more from here again very soon!